Parcel Delivery to Bangladesh
Parcel delivery to Bangladesh
5 Off Your DeliveryIf you are delivering a parcel to Bangladesh, Interlink Direct has the right solution for you. You'll receive an excellent parcel delivery service from your local courier.

You can drop off at our depot or arrange for us to collect from your home or business. There is no need to make an account either, simply pay online using your debit/credit card or with PayPal

Parcel Delivery Services to Bangladesh
Delivery servicePricePrice per additional kilo
Parcel Delivery to Bangladesh29.80 for first half kilo4.02 per additional half kg

You can track your parcels online using our intuitive tracking system on our website. Simply enter your parcel / consignment number into the tracking search box at the top of the page and click Go.

All of our services come with 20 years of expertise in parcel delivery so Interlink Direct is the ideal way to take care of all your UK, European and International parcel delivery needs. So what are you waiting for...

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