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Olympics Bulletin
Interlink Direct's dedicated Olympics Project Team was formed last year to ensure that we are ready to respond to the challenges created by this summer's Olympic and Paralympic Games. Those preparations are now well underway and we are in a position to share a detailed action plan with our customers.

It is clear from our close liaison with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) and Transport for London (TfL) that we are likely to experience severe congestion in a number of areas in and around London from mid-July to mid-September, although we expect there will also be disruption outside those dates due to the Torch Relay, testing of the Olympic transport infrastructure and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

There are many statistics associated with both events that help explain the scale of the congestion:

  • 24 Olympic venues across London
  • 800,000 spectators on peak day
  • 10,500 athletes 
  • 9,000,000 tickets sold
  • 21,000 press people in attendance
  • 3,000,000 additional transport trips on the busiest day

Olympics and Paralympics 2012: Reasons for disruption

The following list will help you to understand the full extent of the disruption to collections and deliveries:
  • There will undoubtedly be congestion in and around all 24 London venues
  • The Olympic Route Network is 109 miles in length and incorporates the main thoroughfare through London
  • The road events themselves, of which there are 10, such as the marathon, will include a number of road closures from the day before and day of the event
  • There are a number of parallel events such as the Diamond Jubilee and the concerts at Buckingham Palace, at which there are likely to be 60,000 spectators
  • Increased security at all venues will incorporate a number of road restrictions 
  • Athletes will need to travel to and from all venues 
  • There will be Park & Ride traffic 
  • There is no parking for spectators at the venues
  • Parking restrictions will be in place around the venues, affecting 290,000 homes
  • During the games 200,000 members of the Olympic family (athletes, coaches, officials and technicians) will require transport to and from the venues daily
  • There will be suspensions of numerous parking and waiting bays
  • Games Lanes, which will be reserved for VIP traffic, will be created
  • Numerous right hand turns will be taken out of the traffic system

What is a 'lockdown venue'?

A lockdown venue is a secure Olympic site where, for security reasons, normal access is strictly controlled. There are 49 lockdown venues in London and at other Olympic venues; they include everything from the main Olympic stadium to hotels used by officials.
Access for parcel delivery has been exclusively granted to the official logistics supplier, UPS. All parcels delivered by UPS into these sites will be subject to the UPS delivery charge and a security surcharge.
Please note that UPS have committed to delivering all parcels to lockdown venues within 24 hours of receiving them from us.
A list of lockdown venues can be viewed by clicking here.